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Evolution: Global Village

Por: Alejandro Castro, Damaris Mejía, Juan Esteban Choriego, Brenda Maldonado, Sofía Valdéz y Luisa Laguardia

Professionals in communication and other areas like sociology, anthropology, psychology and other disciplines determined that human beings have evolved, our behavior has changed, our way to communicate and express ourselves has changed.

The world moves differently at this particular time, it moves around technology. Technology has evolved with us. Today we find ourselves in a completely connected world thanks to the digital era and new technologies. From the creation of light, radio, television, internet and everything it came with.

We live in a world where everything is a click away. Fast, dynamic and it is changing constantly so we have to adapt to that. As communicators, regardless of your specialization, we have to gather up to create quality content, but different, creativa and adaptive.

We have to adapt to constant changes, innovate and create new tendencies. We have in our hands the change because we guide it, lead it and promote. It isn't fair to say that everything has been done, because it isn't true, if you do believe that you just have to inform yourself to realize that there's new creations everyday, new publicity campaigns, more news, more movements and you cannot simply be left behind.

Imagine, create, study, do and undo and make sure to grow and take your dreams, works, your clients businesses or whatever you want, but take it to the limit and achieve it.

Advantages and disadvantages

We all are part of this global village, distance has been erased, being physically in a space is obsolete, you don't have to travel from point A to point B to get something done now and this, as everything, has its good and bad sides, but you have to focus on the good ones. You have to take advantage of your time and have to be productive. This digital world is here to be taken advantage of, exchange culture, see different platforms and all the tools you have at your fingertips, this is what Marshall MacLuhan said, from his very first studies and theories and today it became a reality you have to be part of.

It doesn't matter your profession, you have to be a digital professional. There isn't media, businesses or entrepreneurship that can be kept alive without social networks. Either you agree or not we are evolving as human beings and having Charles Darwin evolution theory in mind you will see how correct it is. And the ones that resist to that change will be the first to fall behind.

We have to put in perspective what is our role in this new society so we can destroy any mental obstacle that we have put ourselves through. We have to change our perception of what is wrong and have to transform it into opportunities.

And now, do you know how to be an effective global village agent?

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